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Ryan's Twitter Feed (@TallGuyWines)

BobMc (Bob McClenahan): Corvalle #sauvblanc is the last of my 2011 whites. @tallguywines http://t.co/17xbBtUvIy

TallGuyWines (Ryan Moreland): @BobMc thanks Bob, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Have a great Easter!

BobMc (Bob McClenahan): @TallGuyWines Generally not a huge fan of Syrahs, but I really liked yours.

TallGuyWines (Ryan Moreland): @BobMc marketing has informed me that we need to change the name of the holiday to Great Friday to match the caliber of the wine

BobMc (Bob McClenahan): Good wine on Good Friday @tallguywines http://t.co/BUT1qOUYfd

TallGuyWines (Ryan Moreland): Some fun alternative uses for corks, pot handles, snowboard holders, even magnet succulent planters! http://t.co/gN76jF2Y

bellacarrara (Leilani): ...According to bellaCarrara... is out! http://t.co/dnaDaVmS ▸ Top stories today via @TallGuyWines @Luscious_Lushes @HipTastesMaven

EatDrinkVegas (Corey Nyman): @TallGuyWines I like it. I think we're onto something...

TallGuyWines (Ryan Moreland): @EatDrinkVegas Good to hear. I'll have to get out there sometime and meet the brothers at DU. Maybe a LXA winemaker dinner is in order?

TallGuyWines (Ryan Moreland): Maker's Mark takes 6+ years to produce. To increase production quickly, they are reducing alcohol (aka watering down) http://t.co/hPXDyksO

EatDrinkVegas (Corey Nyman): @TallGuyWines very cool! Yes sir, I was. Great times with the chapter tonight...

TallGuyWines (Ryan Moreland): @EatDrinkVegas Hah, small world. Were you a member of LXA @ DU? I was a founding father of Pi Beta chapter @ UCSD.

TallGuyWines (Ryan Moreland): Helping time contestants in the annual Napa Valley Grapegrowers pruning contest! http://t.co/RBvbTqzX

heightofstyle (Kacy Karlen): @TallGuyCM @MR_TallGuy @SkinnyTallGuy35 @TallGuyWines Hey fabulously tall dudes, check out my post on tall men's style! http://t.co/KvXK5qm9

WineFoodTravel (Wine & Food Travel): Last night, I popped open a well crafted bottle of Chardonnay produced by Corvalle. Buttery notes of crisp green... http://t.co/ewZ5K8tj

TallGuyWines (Ryan Moreland): Interesting paradox and food for thought as global demand for quinoa leads to poverty among locals in Bolivia http://t.co/ly6qKBpZ

Alstevis (Alstevis S. ✅): Corvalle is Jamming like a mf in his car

carlinhosampa (Carlos Queiroz): Olha isso Bruno Corvalle http://t.co/JlW1BLHC

IconWines (Liam Carrier): @vsattui1885 @Napa_Wine_Savvy @FaustWine @TallGuyWines @CakebreadWines @CornerstoneNapa @Maisonry @NakedWineShow #FollowFriday cheers!

vsattui1885 (V. Sattui Winery): #FollowFriday @Napa_Wine_Savvy @FaustWine @TallGuyWines @CakebreadWines @CornerstoneNapa @IconWines @Maisonry @NakedWineShow

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