Owner / Winemaker - Ryan Moreland

When Ryan’s family purchased property in Rutherford in 2005, he never imagined that it would change the course of his life. Working with his family managing almond orchards and honeybees for pollination, Ryan developed a deep sense of appreciation for farming. It wasn’t until Ryan entered the wine industry and collaborated with his family to develop the Rutherford Runway Vineyard that he discovered his true calling in the world of agriculture. Having obtained a degree in Environmental Chemistry from UC San Diego, Ryan started his career in the lab of a prestigious wine analysis company. He continued his education in winemaking at a number of respected Napa wineries, including Etude, Rubicon Estate, and Salvestrin Estate.

Ryan credits evenings spent with friends around the vineyard’s large redwood table, enjoying a bottle of wine, as his inspiration for Corvalle; he wanted to create wines that would bring friends together and inspire great memories. He poured his heart into producing wines with character; his hard work literally became a labor of love. The product of that labor is Corvalle, wines that convey the pioneering spirit of Napa Valley, inspired by and meant to be enjoyed with those closest to us, the ones that enrich our lives.

Focused on supporting the growth of Corvalle, Ryan has returned to school to earn his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He has enjoyed sharing his passion with his new community and connecting friends through his wine. While there he returns to the vineyard regularly to check on the vines and continue the tradition of great wines that Corvalle has become known for.

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