Our Roots

The Rutherford Runway, once part of Gustave Niebaum’s historic Inglenook Estate, served as an entry point for farmers seeking the promise of a yet untamed Napa Valley. Today the runway no longer exists, but the determination of these visionaries lives on in the rich soils of Napa Valley. My family’s Rutherford Runway Vineyard sits at the base of this historical location, and it is my goal to preserve this heritage — a path to the heart of Napa — which lives on in the spirit of Corvalle.

As founder and winemaker, I view my wines as an embodiment of this legacy. The decision to follow this path was borne through many fond memories sitting at the redwood table in this very vineyard. I find it is here that I enjoy life most, taking in the lingering warmth of a summer sunset with a glass of wine. In our lives, inspiration often comes from these simple pleasures accentuated by the knowledge that we have created something meaningful through hard work and persistence.

The hands of a winemaker are calloused and stained by his labor. Though worn, these kind hands won’t hesitate to open a bottle to toast our shared success and happiness. These are my hands, the hands that make Corvalle.

Ryan Moreland,
Owner & Winemaker